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Everything we see, inside the house, outside the house, in the school, in the playground or in the market, where ever we see, everything has a Shape. It can be round, oval, rectangle , square, triangle, hexagon, octagon, etc. These are the things which is around us.

The shape of an object is determined by its external boundary. Simple shapes can be described by basic geometry objects such as a set of two or more points, a line, a curve, a plane, a plane figure (e.g. square or circle), or a solid figure (e.g. cube or sphere). Most shapes occurring in the physical world are complex, or say most shapes are mixture of different shapes. It is difficult for the young ones to understand the complex shapes, but we can definitely teach them the simple shapes, like a  square, a rectangle, a circle, etc.

The most Common shapes which kids can understand are-
  1. Square
  2. Rectangle
  3. Circle
  4. Triangle
Square - Square is the shape having same sides. It has 4 corners and 4 sides. Sometimes, it is also called a rectangle. The square things which we normally see at home are breads, Square crackers, Handkerchief, Square Coffee table. We can help the kids to learn by showing them square stuffs around the house. These are the items which they are watching everyday at home, and hence they will learn fast.

Work pages for Square shape learning

Rectangle - A rectangle is a shape with parallel and equal opposite sides. It has 4 corners and 4 sides. Rectangle is also called as square, when all the 4 sides are equal in size. Most frequently seen items of rectangle shape at home are books, notebooks, television, etc. Ask your child to search for his/her toys which are in rectangular shape.

Work pages for Rectangle Shape learning

Circle- A circle is a simple closed curve which divides the plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior. A circle can be defined as the curve traced out by a point that moves so that its distance from a given point is constant. The distance between any of the points and the center is called the radius. A Circle has no sides and corners. Circle can also be explained to a child by explaining the round stuffs to kids which are available at home, for example a ball, a cookie, mother's bindi, roti made by mom, etc.

Work pages for Circle Shape learning

Triangle- A triangle is a shape, which has 3 sides and 3 corners. Triangle sides can be of different sizes. Tell your child, about the parantha they eat, every day, it's of a triangle shape, Ask them to give you 5 toys, of triangle shape, from their toy selection.

Work pages for Triangular Shape learning

Learning Pages of Shapes-1
Learning Pages of Shapes-2

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