Thursday, January 30, 2014

Short Story - Rani and Vani

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters named Rani and Vani. Both the sisters were exactly alike, not only in their appearance, but also in their nature and temperament. Rani and Vani lived and worked together. They enjoyed going for a walk together. They never quarreled with each other. The two lovely daughters were adored by their parents.

One day, when the two sisters were going to the market, they saw a dwarf on the road. He had a long white beard and he wore a long red cap on his head. A dog was pulling the dwarf's beard. The dwarf tried his best to pull his beard out from the dog's mouth, but he could not do so. The dog did not let go of the beard. The dwarf appeared to be utterly helpless.

Rani and Vani saw the plight of the dwarf. They felt sorry for him, and so they cut is long beard with a pair of scissors. The beard became short now. Instead of thanking the two sisters, the dwarf said angrily, "Hey, you girls! Who asked you to act smart? look, what you have done to me! You have spoiled my looks."

Rani and Vani did not say anything, but left the scene quietly.

One day, as the two sisters were returning home from a nearby village, they met the same dwarf once again.  The dwarf was hanging by his long beard which was tied to the branch of the trees. He was screaming with pain. He was in a great pain because his long beard was being pulled and it hurt him. He was desperately trying to free himself. there was nobody to help him.

Rani and Vani saw the plight of the dwarf. They ran to him, cut his long beard with a  pair of scissors and freed him. Once again, instead of being thankful, the dwarf said angrily, " Hey, you girls! Who asked you to act smart? Look what you have done! You have spoiled my looks."

Rani and Vani did not say anything, but left the scene quietly.

One fine morning, the two sisters were going to a nearby town. They saw the same dwarf riding a bicycle. Suddenly, his long beard got entangled in the chain of bicycle. The bicycle stopped and the dwarf fell down screaming with pain.

Rani and Vani heard him screams and they rushed to help him. It was very difficult to pull out the beard from the bicycle chain. So the two sisters cut the long bears with a pair of scissors. As usual, the dwarf started shouting at them angrily, but they ignored his shouts.

Suddenly, there was a miracle. The dwarf turned into a beautiful fairy.

The fairy said to Rani and Vani, " Both of you have passed my tests. you will get married to the Princes and you will live happily ever." Saying this, the fairy gave each one a flower and said, " Take these flowers and go to the palace. Stand in front of the king and Queen and smell the flowers."

Rani and Vani went to the palace. When they were  brought before the king and the Queen, they smelled the flowers. And lo! There was another miracle. As soon as the two sisters smelt the flowers, tow handsome Princes appeared before them.

The King and The Queen were very happy. They had no Children. Now, they not only had two handsome Princes, But also two beautiful daughters-in-law. The two sisters married the two Princes. There was jubilation all over the Kingdom. Parents of Rani and Vani came to bless them. All of them lived happily ever after.


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  2. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

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