Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clean Soft Toys

My little 1 is very found of SOFT TOYS. Where ever she will go, she wants to carry her mickey mouse or minnie mouse with her. And this resulted in much more dirty toys which never gets clean in the corners, especially in their hands, which are white in color. 

Dirty Soft Toy

I tried to clean them in our washer twice with more detergent, but nothing worked out. At one point of time, I got so frustrated, that I planned to through these toys and get new ones. But, then I thought it will send a wrong message to my little one. 

See the hand of Soft toys which are turning Black b'coz of dirt

So, little bit of thinking and I came to this process of cleaning.

So, I dipped the mickey mouse in a hot water mixed with detergent for 5 minutes. Took an old toothbrush, rubbed softly on the edges, stitches and on those places where the stain was not getting cleaned. And I got the result. 

See the difference

You can yourself see the difference. A simple but really easy way of cleaning soft toys. We can make our kids Soft toys just like new in just 10 minutes.

A clean Soft Toy just like new


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