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Types of Transport

Transport-  It is the movement of people, goods, animals from one location to another. There are various means of transport, such as Rail Transport, Water Transport, Air Transport, Road Transport and Animal Transport .

Rail Transport-

  1. Trains - The Train is a connected series of rail vehicles, which is used to transport passengers and goods.
  2. Metro Trains - Metro Trains, also known as Rapid Transport. These Trains are used to transport Passengers in much high capacity and frequency as compared to regular traffic. Metro trains are generally either underground or on elevated rails from the street level.
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Water Transport-

  1. Boats - A Boat is a vessel, designed to float on water. It is a passage across the water. Boats are small enough, to be carried in Ships. It is used to transport passengers across the water.
  2. Ships - Ships are large size vessel, which can float on water. It is also stated as Ships are large size boats, used for transporting goods and passengers, from one place to another through waterways. It is also used for purpose of shipping, entertainment, warfare and safety.
  3. Steamer - Steamer, also known as Steamboat. It is a boat which runs on the power of Steam.
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Air Transport - 

  1. Aeroplane -It is also known as Airplane. Like the word, it means the vehicle which can fly with the support of Air. It is used for transporting Goods and passengers from one place to another. It is the fastest means of transport and uses less time to cover the distance. Airplane has specific place to land.
  2. Helicopter- It is an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades. It has a capacity of transporting 3 to 8 passengers at a time. It can land anywhere and in limited space. It can lift and land vertically.
  3. Rocket - A Rocket is an aircraft, which obtains thrust from a rocket engine. Rocket engines push rockets forwards simply by throwing their exhaust backwards extremely fast.
 Here, are the work pages of Air Transport.

Road Transport - 

  1. Truck - It is a motor vehicle which runs on Road and is use to transport goods.Trucks are very big in size and power. There are variety of trucks such as firetruck, commercial truck, pickup truck, etc.
  2. Bus - Bus are also sometimes called as Big car. Buses are designed to carry passengers. It can carry as many as 300 passengers.Most common bus seen on roads are single decker bus, but in big cities, Double Decker buses are also seen. There are some small buses, such as mini bus, which carry less passengers at one time.
  3. Jeep - Jeep is one of the oldest vehicle on the road. It has four wheels, and is used as light utility vehicle. It is considered to be the convenient vehicle on bad roads.
  4. Car - Car is an automobile with 4wheels, which is used to carry passengers. It has it's own motor and engine. It can carry maximum of 8 passengers in 1 time. It is primarily designed to run  on roads.
  5. Bike - Bike is also known as Motorcycle. It is 2 wheeled or 3 wheeled vehicle. It's design depends on its task like navigation of congested traffic, long distance travel, cruising, sport or racing, off-road conditions.
  6. Scooter - Scooter is a vehicle with 2 wheels. It is a low power personal transportation. It provides a platform to the operator's feet.
  7. Bicycle- It is also known as Bike. It is a pedal driven, single track vehicle, with 2 wheels attached to the frame, one behind the another. The person who rides this vehicle is called as cyclist.
  8. Rickshaw - Rickshaw is also known as Cycle Rickshaw. It is a type of tricycle, which is operated by driver by pedaling and it can carry 1-3 passengers along with the driver.

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Animal Transport -

  1. Camel Cart - Camel is found in Desert. Camel are those animals, who can travel in desert without water. Camels drinks 20 gallons of water in 1 time. Camel Cart is a vehicle, which is pulled by Camels. It is used to transport small goods and passengers in deserts.
  2. Bullock Cart - A bullock cart is a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle pulled by bull or Ox. It is a means of transportation used from ancient times in many parts of the world. They are still used today where modern vehicles are too expensive. It is used especially for carrying goods, the bullock cart is pulled by one or several oxen (bullocks). The Ox are tied together by a rope or a chain. The driver and any other passengers sit on the front of the cart, while load is placed in the back.
  3. Horse Cart - A Horse cart is a vehicle designed for transport, using two wheels and normally pulled by one or a pair of horses. The horses are tied together by a rope or a chain. The driver and other passengers site on the cart. It is used to transport passengers as well as goods.
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